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Tracey Holland Reflexology offers the Japanese Cosmo Face Lifting method in Brisbane and is located in Camp Hill only 9km from Brisbane CBD.

What is Japanese Cosmo Face Lifting?
Japanese Cosmo Face Lifting Sorensensistem ™ is a natural, painless, relaxing, non-surgical, holistic face lifting treatment developed by the internationally renowned reflexologist Lone Sorensen. This treatment consists of an entire hour of hands on facial lifting massage using the luxurious mohi everlasting facial elixir with 24k Gold leaf. Additional 24k gold leaf sheet application can also be added to this treatment.

The treatment is based on more than 25 years of studying and practicing the healing Arts of Reflexology and Facial Reflexology. This exciting new neuro-sensory massage therapy, first practiced in Japan, manipulates 24 targeted points on the face to improve physical and emotional wellness. During a session the face is sculpted giving a renewed look by lifting the facial tissue and muscles through the use of massage stimulation techniques. By using a deep, smooth massage technique the muscles supporting the facial structure are manipulated and toned, lifting them into place, helping to restore facial contour definition.

The texture of the skin changes as facial muscles and underlying tissues are manipulated increasing blood circulation, eliminating toxins and stimulating the skin’s production of collagen and elastin. The overall effect is not only improved muscle tone, a glowing complexion and younger looking skin, but as it works holistically releasing endorphins, which improves your sense of tranquility and overall wellness. Japanese Cosmo Face Lifting is a Facial Therapy and is one of the best non-invasive ways to rejuvenate the face and look years younger naturally.

How many sessions?
A course of 12 sessions, 2 – 3 per week over 4 weeks is recommended for optimum results. However, one session is very relaxing and results may be noticed immediately.

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Disclaimer: Reflexology and Japanese Cosmo Face Lifting are complementary therapies and should not replace medical treatment or advice.